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Re: VMs: My web page

--- Pam Wilson <wilsonk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As many of you know, my web page consists of links
> to pages of the VMS plus comments by page from the
> interlinear file as well as Dana Scott's plant
> identifications.  I am going to get more pages
> added, but am wondering if people would like me to
> include more information from the interlinear file
> such as language, hand, panel, bifolio,  quire, etc.
>    I may have to break it into at least 2 parts to
> keep the loading times down.  Thanks.

I'll be happy to give you just my opinion. Others
may (nay, will) have different opinions.

I think it is extremely useful to have something like
a 'scrap book' of the Voynich MS in a page by page
fashion. That is: for every page collect all 
relevant information, fact, hypotheses, theories
together. This is one of these typical tasks that
seems like a good idea but never gets completed.

I started my version of it at my web site. It is
the 'PAGES' link that appears on every page.
I decided not to put a picture of every page there,
just to keep the loading time down. But it would
be useful to have something, a bit bigger than
a thumbnail, and then links to the bigger pictures.
Of course, this never got done.

You are welcome to take anything you can find from 
these pages in order to compose something of your
own. You are also welcome to take the initiative
in building up this particular part of my web site.
Or do both, or make one a mirror/backup of the
other. Due credits will be given, of course.

It is a lot of work (which is why it never really
got of the ground :-/ ). But it would be a very
useful resource, in my humble opinion.

Cheers, Rene

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