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Re: VMs: My web page

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

--- Pam Wilson <wilsonk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

As many of you know, my web page consists of links
to pages of the VMS plus comments by page from the
interlinear file as well as Dana Scott's plant
identifications. I am going to get more pages
added, but am wondering if people would like me to
include more information from the interlinear file
such as language, hand, panel, bifolio, quire, etc.
I may have to break it into at least 2 parts to
keep the loading times down. Thanks.

I'll be happy to give you just my opinion. Others may (nay, will) have different opinions.

I think it is extremely useful to have something like
a 'scrap book' of the Voynich MS in a page by page
fashion. That is: for every page collect all relevant information, fact, hypotheses, theories
together. This is one of these typical tasks that
seems like a good idea but never gets completed.

This is the job for a wiki.

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