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Re: VMs: Three frequency tables


 Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2003 16:38:04 -0000
 From: Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: VMs: Three frequency tables
 Dennis tsalagi@xxxxxxxx wrote
 20 December 2003 04:39
 Subject: Re: VMs: Three frequency tables
 > But what else are you thinking of?  Do you mean that
 > you don't think the gallows are just markers for cipher
 > change?  (I've never liked that either, but that
 > because it doesn't look like a polyalphabetic cipher to
 > me.)
 > Dennis
 The VMS is a polymorphic alphabetic cipher. There is a difference.


Hi all :-)

The GALLOWS have a *static* positioning *yes*!!! but, they are only 
related to 
when you use them in the 8x8 TTT key !!! IF you _Scribably elect_ to 
change the code - just go to the other side (page/key). (that is 
FLIP/Mirror your code / using the gallow that selects the right area).  
While THEY too are *static* you would have 
"jumped" to one of 8 (EIGHT) possibilties, (these too are static 
coded) this 
process is ~infinite~

Jeff & all, I hope I'm saying this "right" (per ES) the gallows 
(1st) POINT 
to a start KEY on master KEY (mirrored(?) folded vellum).. the 
-lowercase- characters point to areas within that(8x8) particular 
IF/WHEN you encoucounter the next "GALLOWS" character, then you change 
to that _new key_ (8x8) area ( except in the case of a c_gallows_c ) 
would cause the "READER/DECODER" to FLIP the mirrored key (Folded 
vellum page upside down again or) over - 
"STAYing" in the same 8x8 position to continue on.. There are way more 
than 3 freqency's?? it is ~Infinite in design~ if you follow the flow. 

or does 3 frequencies just mean this that than the OTHER, in that case 
that could fill the bill here, as it's simpler than you think. :-0

Simple to execute, Simple to turn on a whim of the scribe (as BOTH 
SIDES have the same characters (numbers included)) THEY ARE JUST IN 
MIRROR(ed) "(OPPOSITE NOW)"  positioning(s). like A=A Z=Z Z=A (new)

Kinda like a ~Floating~ ceaser's code - constantly changing.

The GALLOWS are the key and "HOLD ~everything down~" (in position as 
were).. If you start in the middle you are LOST and will go ~MaD~ over 

Best to all (hApPy NeW YeAr 2004 ALL :-)
steve ( hey - I got back on-line - cool:-) ekwall


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