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Re: AW: VMs: AW: Re: VMs- geography - and does "dar" mean something i n Russian ?

Hi, Gaburieru, 

> By the way, has anybody seen this?
> http://www.engrish.com/

	Vely intelestring! (How did they derive "Bring a pet's

	This is also interesting:

> There is therefore less emphasis on spell checking and grammatical accuracy
> (note: the same can be said for the addition of Japanese or Chinese characters 
> to hats, shirts and tattoos found in the US or Europe). 

	Any comments from our Chinese/Japanese readers?  There
have to be some 
equally good examples of this.  

	In W.W.II American aviators used code words like
"lollopping lollapalooza" 
to confuse Japanese listeners, who only had one liquid
consonant in their language.  

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