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Re: Voynich Wikis [Re: VMs: My web page]

The "Links to sites" has concerned me somewhat. With all of the links that have been included in our discussions it seems to me that many of them will eventually no longer be available. This is cause for concern since the links often provide key insight into the subject at hand. I wish that we could somehow preserve this additional information for future reference and research, though I realize that the cost in time and money and storage may be prohibitive.
Dana Scott
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From: Jeff
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: Voynich Wikis [Re: VMs: My web page]

Rene Zandbergen r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx wrote
on 13 January 2004 10:48

> --- Ted Young <tyoung1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > This sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn't
> > with the right tools.  I
> > very fluent in Perl, for example, and am pretty sure
> > I could knock out most
> > of what I described in a couple of evenings,
> > depending on the Wiki
> > implementation.  And on top of being able to, I am
> > also willing to.  :->
> Well, I'm just sitting back and looking at this
> thread since I don't know the first thing about
> Wikis. It looks like you're the perfect guy for
> the job, but what will the job turn out to be?
> It started off as a scrap book for all the pages
> of the VMs, but now the discussion is moving
> more towards 'everyhing', including the reorganisation
> of the complete mailing list archives.
> I suspect that the more ambitous (and vaguely
> defined) the goal, the less will happen in practice.
> The original goal of Pam Wilson is a doable
> project and I'll admit that I was the first one
> to start expanding it :-)
> I'll sit back a bit more and see what comes out.
> If necessary, we can go back to square one.
> Cheers, Rene

I'm definately with Rene on this. A page by page approach is best. We talk
enough rubbish on list anyway. The main assumptions about each page would be
more useful. I.E. the discussion about degrees on f67r2. These strands tend
to get lost.

General theories I would omit. Only assumptions that have gained a consensus
should be included. Links to sites of interest could always be included.

One other thing I would also suggest is the opportunity for like minded
people to have some sort of forum. Each person approaches the vms from a
different angle. Some of these approaches intersect. A method of not only
sharing this information with the group but also sorting it into subject
areas would allow those of like mind to not only keep up with the general
chatter but also develop a strand of their own.

Who knows, with an organised approach we might actually make some more
progress. I already feel as though a lot of new ideas are bearing a little


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