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Re: Voynich Wikis [Re: VMs: My web page]

In message <BAY5-DAV73prhMOgRGk00005138@xxxxxxxxxxx>, DANA SCOTT
<dscott520@xxxxxxx> writes
>    The "Links to sites" has concerned me somewhat. With all of the 
>    links that have been included in our discussions it seems to me 
>    that many of them will eventually no longer be available. This is 
>    cause for concern since the links often provide key insight into 
>    the subject at hand. I wish that we could somehow preserve this 
>    additional information for future reference and research, though I 
>    realize that the cost in time and money and storage may be 
>    prohibitive.
One hopes that at least some of this material might already be safely
tucked away in the extraordinarily capacious vaults of the Wayback





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