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Re: VMs: Paint Job

Hi Dana,

At 23:38 13/01/2004 -0700, Dana wrote:
Colors seem to be selected with a purpose in mind. Ladies in the "experimental" baths appear to have been drawn with amputated feet,

Maybe our artist wasn't good at drawing feet (like Charlie Brown wasn't good at drawing hands). :-)

suggesting that they were imersed in a liquid substance which was later colored in as a green slime. These observations may give credence to the original author/scribe as Krypto-artist.

AIUI, Quattrocento medicinal baths (especially for women) often had other stuff added to them, which would seem to be the overall message from f78r. Perhaps it's a "before" (upper bath, ill women laying down) and "after" (lower bath, well women standing up) publicity shot, demonstrating the healing power of such baths? :-)

Oh, and as far as colour goes, note that the pipework appears to be carrying a blue liquid down from the plant seed-heads into (and between?) the baths... curious. :-o

BTW, the jelly-fish looking object at the bottom right of this image may represent a drain from the bath, suggesting that the drawing may be incomplete, missing the front wall side of the container?

Of course, on f78v & f81r (the two disconnected halves of a double-page picture) the baths have similar-functioning inlets/outlets on the side of the baths, so that seems quite consistent. (Jellyfish doesn't work for me). :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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