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VMs: Re: Work on the relation penstroke -> letters?

Blame me I use EVA! But using the EVA transcription I have noticed some very
interesting things! These things only work in EVA and produce VERY
interesting results.


P.S. Jeff is currently lurking...... More to come soon.

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Subject: VMs: Work on the relation penstroke -> letters?

> Hello everyone,
> It occured to me lately that people appear to be taking the current VM
> transcription schemes for granted. Based on the transcription, there is a
> tremenduous amount of cunning work being done on the properties,
> etc. of the text.
> But upon a closer look I found it very difficult to uniquely identify what
> would be a "letter" (ie, the smallest independent unit of information) in
> MS, and what would just be the penstrokes which constitute it.
> For example, the "iiiv"-sequence could really be four letters, "iiv" could
> three. But at the same time, the "i"s could be used like we use arcs in
> latin letters, so "iii" might be "m", and "ii" might be "n", thus the
> would be two letters both times. Or in both cases the "i"s really belong
> the "v", and the whole sequence is just a single letter every time.
> I understand that this would make a huge difference on the evaluation of
> text. For example, I found if you're really rigorous, you can cut down the
> number of different symbols to 10 or so -- things like word length or
> repetivity (repetitiouness? ;-) would heavily depend on it.
> Yet most people seem to take the current tanscription schemes for granted,
> only give a fleeting glance to this question which I feel is very basic
> fundamental. So, did I miss research which clearly answered that question,
> are people simply taking the transcription for granted, since it's easier
> tackle with the statistical apparatus we have?
> Cheerio,
>    Elmar
> P.S.: I latly checked a few MS in gothic/late medieval handwriting, where
> people did exactly the same -- compose letters from a set of only a few
> different strokes, which is what brought me to this idea.
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