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Re: VMs: Strange pair statistics

Zitat von Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>... Below is the count for the occurance of each pair within a word.
> yc 41
> yd 45
> rc 13
> And again the total counts for all occurances.
> yc - 252
> yd - 213
> rc - 207
> These three pairs are acting in the opposite manner to all other pairs
> this high in the occurance count table. Would this happen in a
> language? ...
> Jeff

Hi Jeff,

A few possibilities which come the mind of the naive reader:

*) Spaces may not be word delimiters, but also encoded characters, ie 
the "space" may represent a different letter (but I think considering a space 
as "just another letter" is a fairly modern notion), and actually you'd have to 
look at triplets like "y<space>c".

*) Spaces were inserted at random to confuse us, and the original text was 

*) One of my pet theories is that within a word you have to read the letters 

*) German for example used to have two different ways/characters to represent 
the letter "s". Perhaps this is the case here. (I don't know if any other 
languages have similar features.)

And finally Barlow's Golden Rule:

*) Don't be mislead by statistics: In any reasonably large sample, there is a 
high probability for improbable things to happen.



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