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Re: VMs: Strange pair statistics

In message <1074237980.4007921c6086b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx writes
>A few possibilities which come the mind of the naive reader:
>*) German for example used to have two different ways/characters to represent 
>the letter "s". Perhaps this is the case here. (I don't know if any other 
>languages have similar features.)
Hello Elmar

Yes. English also had two forms of "s" - one much as we have it today,
and also the long form - looks to us rather like a lower-case "f". Also
many less common curious ligatures.


http://paleo.anglo-norman.org/ is an interesting site, by the way

Likewise English has some lost/disused characters such as the "thorn", a
kind of "th". Looks to us something like an upper-case "Y", hence those
abominable "Ye Olde Tea Shoppe" establishments.




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