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Re: VMs: Books on Czech cryptography

PK#01 wrote:

> > Both of the above refer to the 17th c. or later ("v novoveku" =
> > "in modern times") so may not be relevant.
> That was what I feared too, but fortunately "novovek" has the meaning "after
> the middle ages and before modern times". So it includes the Rudolf II, Dee
> and Kelly period:

Yes, that is "early modern" - but I meant it would not cover
the Middle Ages, and the majority vote seems to be that
the VMS is late medieval. But still, the publications may
contain relevant information.

> Novovek - obdobie dejín ľudstva nasledujúce po stredoveku a predchádzajúce
> najnovším dejinám.
> (Is this Polish?)

Polish is "nowozytnosc" (without the diacritics) - but is rarely
used as a noun, usually as adjective, eg. "historia nowozytna"
= "modern history".

Best regards,

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