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Re: VMs: Alchimia

--- Philip Neal <philipneal_vms@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Magnifying to 200% and inverting the black and
> white, I think you can just
> make it out as German. I think the right hand two
> jars are labelled  "Weiblichkeit"
> and "Iugend" - or it might be "Deutlichkeit" and
> "Tugend". I agree that it  would
> be interesting to know. Anyone with a better image
> please tell the list.

There's a copy on p.194 in Alexander Roob's 
"Das Hermetische Museum: Alchemie und
Mystik" (Taschen) which isn't much clearer
and it is a type of handwriting I have a very
hard time deciphering. It does give the date  
of the MS as 1526. 
I remember seeing a larger copy of this illustration
in a book of Gabriel, probably at the Teddington

There's another colour picture of the MS on
p.375, which shows a typical 'Wolkenband',
a meandering line which also appears in the VMs
in some circular illustrations.


Cheers, Rene

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