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Re: VMs: Voynechese as musical notation

Hello again,
I dont think, that there is any reason for throwing the idea away totally.
You can shurely mutate something fairly ordered into music in a way
not letting it sound too absurd. But thats not the point. The question is,
if part of the manuscript is transscriptable to music in a plausible way,
not changing the methodology at every line. It is nothing else than
finding a decryption to words. The point is not, if you can find a decryption
scheme. The point is, to find a decryption that is plausible and could be
managed by means of the middle ages. Indeed, if the VMS resembles notes,
there are some nasty questions like what are the labels for. But for the lyrics
I would say, that many classical music dont contain any.
Too bad, that I missed so much music lessons at school :-)
But thanks anyway, for the interesting clues and links to musical theory.
In einer eMail vom 11.01.2004 21:48:19 Westeuropäische Normalzeit schreibt incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
Just to depress you further, someone has (as with everything to do with the
VMs) already done this before - in this case Hanspeter Kyburz and his
orchestral work "The Voynich Cipher Manuscript". And yes, he appears to
have used the VMs transcription to drive his composition. :-o