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Folding, flipping, turning? Was Re: VMs: John Dee

Zitat von steve ekwall <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx>:

> ...
> But, you needn't have a huge KEY to do this ... 
> -=se=-
> steve (Fold 'em, Hold 'em) ekwall :-) 

Hi Steve,

I checked out your website & read your recent mails, but I still seem to be 
unable to grasp the concept of your deciphering method.

Could you outline it for me once more, please? No need to go into the details, 
just the general idea. I feel I'm lost pretty much at the start of the 
procedure... actually I have no idea _what_ I am supposed to fold or bend or 
twist or whatever...


   Elmar, trying to unfold his talents

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