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Re: Folding, flipping, turning? Was Re: VMs: John Dee


 Date: 21 Jan 2004 10:08:34 +0100
 From: elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Folding, flipping, turning? Was Re: VMs: John Dee 
 Zitat von steve ekwall <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx>:
 > ...
 > But, you needn't have a huge KEY to do this ... 
 > -=se=-
 > steve (Fold 'em, Hold 'em) ekwall :-) 
 Hi Steve,
 I checked out your website & read your recent mails, but I still seem to be 
 unable to grasp the concept of your deciphering method.
 Could you outline it for me once more, please? No need to go into the details, 
 just the general idea. I feel I'm lost pretty much at the start of the 
 procedure... actually I have no idea _what_ I am supposed to fold or bend or 
 twist or whatever...
    Elmar, trying to unfold his talents
 debitel.net Webmail

Hi Elmar, :-) 

Fold 1 piece of paper (vellum)

*yes please* : in short, I was ~vistited~ by ES Oct,2000 and 
concerning the vms - WHY, I don't know (this had never happened 
before..nor since)

IN SHORT (no need to go into DETAILS you say (ha.ha))... it was 
revealed that the KEY to the Coded Voynich was TIME to be opened up!
I was told to FOLD the KEY (that is take a piece of paper (vellum) and 
fold it side to sid  into thirds (my wife says it's quarters, but ES 
said 1/3 (lol).. anyway, take that SAME (now) folded paper (vellum) 
rotate it 90 degrees and do the same FOLDING (1/3's)top to bottom, as 
per graphics 
in http://www.diac.com/~ekwall2/voynich/ ... but NOTE at no time in 
the DECODING will any thing fall inside this total "Folded key", that 
is, I try to explain, it is EITHER the upper KEY or the Lower KEY, but 
never BOTH!!! ELSE THE glyph would look like my header DOUBLE gallows.

  USAGE: on UNFOLDING the above paper (vellum) you will note that the 
creases (you make) appear to make a Tic.Tac.Toe type of creasing on 
your paper 
(vellum) HERE... ES said... ADD your language of choice in each 
quadrant of the TTT or areas of this FOLDED KEY..
 A TRICKY (sneaky) part.. is that There *IS* a sectioning per the 
gallows that need to be "IN ORDER" else you fall in obilvion! Try to 
insert "characters" (ES intended). THE "ORDER" (per ES) is


ES then said " the CENTER is YOURS " (see * in middle)  - "I still 
(todate) don't know what that means" other than a NULL or a ~Wild 
type character etc...???? 

anyway ... I see ALL VMS characters as standalone (albiet many are 
embellished with fancy penmanship)... 4 upper gallows, 4 lower 
c_gallows_c, and 8 "lower case" [pointers], and 8 ES never showed me 
(sigh), : these (ES shown) lower case pointers
are (at least 1/2 anyway)(eva) are positioned her on your folded key.


their (lower case) "shape" pointing to its quadrant on the TTT KEY

To USE the KEY you start by making 8 more TTT boards in EACH quadrant, 
yeilding (64) enough for a good size alphabet PLUS number 0-9 .. but 
just short of ENGLISH A-Z (ES said "I won't be able to read it though 
- so I assume s/he meant it's NOT in ENGLISH.. (if you use the CENTER 
- which ES just said the center is yours, I guess we would have 9x9 or 
81 max characters) Anyway, In each of the ABOVE TTT Quadrants (on your 
folded key) you insert 
alpha-numeric characters (language of choice).. I had the ~Feeling~ 
then, that it was NOT 
scrambled here, that is in TTT table, one you could type/write in 0-9 
a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h (not using the center TTT) etc..

HOWEVER, the 1st TTT square is actually the second on the TOP! - see 
the folding page.  THAT is the STARTING point..(eva T) & if A-Z or 
0-9 goes 
first I don't know (sorry) :-(  - I mostly wanted ES to go away at 
that time. (see above "THE "ORDER" per ES)

you "simply" transpose from where your AT (using KEY) to the next 
letter (to WHERE your going)... both sides have the _SAME_ alphabet 
and numbers inserted on the KEY -- BUT MiRrOrEd --- in effect, SO that 
when you reach a gallows (plain 1-4, no c_gallows)you stay on the same 
side of the mirror (1/2 code) to its 312,4*8,756 TTTkey..
But, when you encounter a c_gallows_c (4-8) characters you rotate your 
done key 180 degrees and use the MIRROR side.. THIS ~Trick~ using the 
gallows ALLOWS for BOTH SIDES of the alphabet and Numbers 0-9 to be 
convoluted into ~infinite~ combinations. (THIS on the _whim_ of the 
scribe on 
coding originally, that I think you can see THEY? got tired of 
flipping near 
the end and use less c_gallows_c's and just stay on one key near the 
end of the vms. (just folded key areas)  

hope that (above)makes sense: -)

hope this helps you
best to you & yours
steve (Fold & FLIP your KEY) ekwall

ps. I KNOW what I'm trying to SAY, but I'm NOT a linguist! I'm not a 
crypto guy.. I don't know why I was chosen, you think this is EASY 
admitting to the world that I had a visit from a spook??? ARRGGgggg
YOU try it sometimes (TouchE~)! If anything I guess I can be 
pertinacious though (smiles)

say BTW list: if you have read this far (off topic now) I need some 
with unix/linux "grep" I have some files that have linefeeds and no 
carriage returns and though I heard grep can add them??  any help 
off-line would be appreciated.. like: grep (file) add [cr/lf] etc..
Thanks in advance :-)

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