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Re: VMs: MUSIC / Color Images

Zitat von steve ekwall <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx>:

> Being a non ~musical~ one - but enjoy it, and being a NON 
> ~mathmatical~ one , but enjoy it ... am I wrond to assume (what I've 
> previously heard) 1) ALL things can be reduced to MATH (including the 
> fall of a butterfly?) 

Being a physicist and software guy... It probably depends on what you mean 
with "reduce".

Allthough there are physical/mathematical laws underlying the fall of a 
butterfly, it doesn't necessary mean that we're able to calculate the exact 
path of the drop in advance.

And although a written text will exhibit statistical/stochastic patterns and 
regularities, the _meaning_ or content of a text can't be grasped that way. (In 
the statement "Hamlet lives in Denmark", the assignments of "Hamlet" 
and "Denmark" are completely arbitrary, eg.)

> and 2) ALL things can be reduced to MUSIC 
> including (hopefully?) the VMS Characters?? I would very much like to 
> HEAR the VMS ( in any key, on ANY instrument(s) ) as written AS IS.

Again, what is meant by "reduced"?

What you certainly can do is "map" the VM text to a series of notes. IIRC, 
there is the "pentatonic scale" (ie, only the black keys on a piano). No matter 
how you hit them, simultaneously or in sequence, they'll never sound 
disharmonic. (They give a distinct "Japanese" impression upon hearing.) So, 
what you could do is assign one of these keys arbitrarily to each letter of the 
VM, somehow encode note lengths etc., and you will get somewhat listenable 

But what would it signify? You could get similar results from the NY phone 
book, or from transscribing a jpeg binary of Uma Thurman.

> Thanks all :-)
> best to you & yours
> -=se=-
> steve (*SiNgInG/HuMmInG the VmS*) ekwall :-)



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