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Re: VMs: French Website

 From: CanBooks <canbooks@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 As I look at the VMS,
 everything in my subconscious tells me that this is related to old Arabic,
 but written using a simple cipher. The use of simple ciphers in the Middle
 East goes back to 200 BC when the Nabataeans started writing their language
 in two scripts, one known in the Middle East, and another using a script
 they picked up in Yemen. This is mentioned by early Greek and Roman
 historians, and today is known as Safatic. They also used another script
 which is known today as Thamudic.
  I also wonder if the VMS is dated before 771 AD when Dwbnt introduced the
 concept of the zero to mathematics. Before that, numbers were written using
 letters, such as CCXXIII. This would account for "words" in the VMS that use
 multiple letters.
 Just some thoughts.
 Dan Gibson
*Y E S* stay the course "IT'S OLDER THAN you THINK (per ES) !!!

best to you & yours
steve (touchE~ sir!) ekwall
Arabic & simple = good FLOW ! - NOW FLIP IT & SEE the mirror CODED!!!

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