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VMs: RE: AW: Roman Numerals

Isn't CCVL a bit of "pig roman numeral" though?

One would think C*2 = 200 L-V = 45 so CCVL = 245

But the correct spelling for 245 is CCXLV. I'm pretty sure "V" is not to
be used as a subtractive character. Isn't the rule that you can only use
the next smallest character for subtraction, and not any?


1999 = MCMXCIX (1000+1000-100+100-10+10-1) and not MIM

I have, however, seen Roman numeral rules abused to no end, including
wrong subtraction such as MIM and more than three numerals
(MDCCCCLXXXXVIIII for 1999), so that does not preclude CCVL to mean 245,
it's just not entirely correct.

	- Florian

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> Can anyone tell me if CCVL is a valid set of Roman  numerals 
> and if so what
> is the number?
> This is getting interesting. This is on a line with a neal key!
> Jeff

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