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VMs: The barrel mechanism

Imagine the cylinder can be turned round one notch at a time and the glyph
bar can be slid left or right. The vellum or whatever in the bar could be in
a loop so that missing decipher characters can be moved in when needed. The
EVA f could mean line up to a pre determined glyph in the bar an also the
reason for it being a paragraph start character. The ch and sh combinations
mean roll the cylinder one or more notches, the sh being 2 I think. Other sh
forms might signify other amounts. The gallows mean shift the decipher bar
left or right. Certain other combinations might mean keep moving the bar
until another gallows is found ie, cht.

This might all be rubbish but it sprang to mind whilst thinking about
Steve's method. It would be very easy to use, with one cylinder to encipher
and one to decipher.

If anyone can pick holes in it I'd be glad to here it now.


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