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Re: VMs: Work on the relation penstroke -> letters?

hi all :-)

Since my ISP was bought out last month and _put_(?)/is in hawaii now I 
had 35-40 days of e.mail to catch up on, and now I note: I'm answering 
questions that seem to be already ANSWERED (ha.ha).. any way I'm upto 
Jan 22 and only 356 messages to get current here - (& If you 
wrote something to me since (let's see?? jan22 - I will soon get 
caught up here only 300+ to go:) please excuse the BACK-WARDS (late) 
e.mail flow :-o -=se=- 

Elmar & all :-) 

You almost have IT (*Cool*) see "+++++++++++++++++++++++" below:

 Date: 22 Jan 2004 15:34:26 +0100
 From: elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: VMs: Work on the relation penstroke -> letters?
 Thanks for the explanation.
 Now, let me see if I got this at least approximately right:
 1.) You start out with a 3x3 grid, the cells of which we will call "quadrants", 
 and which we will label 'A' through 'I'. Let's arrange them like this:
 A B C
 D E F
 G H I
(mine?) I assume everyones as ES said it was "GOOD FOR EVERYONE" 
I'm trying CENTER = NULL or BLANK,but H*CK, "even I don't know now" 

 2.) Every quadrant is divided into a grid of 3x3 cells, which we 
 call "sectors", and which we label '0' through '9', and arrange as follows in 
 each quadrant:
 1 2 3
 4 5 6
 7 8 9

*YES* But per the FOLDING (gallows) POSITIONS it would DECODE AS

3 1 2
4 * 8
7 5 6

(easier to see/~feel~ the flow if you actually FOLD THE PAPER like ES 
said ... all in all - it's just a TTT board with TTT areas within it
THESE HOLD POSTIONS (STATIC) in each of your "sectors", my TTT 
quadrants (whatever) but * YES * :-). Each CHARACTER (wheather 
gallows or lower case) points to its STATIC position from where you at 
at the time you see the next character... THAT IS WHY ONE CANNOT ~Jump 
into the middle of a page and start decoding etc... you'll go ~nutty~ 

 3.) Now we have 81 cells which we can identify with two coordinates, like 'A7'.
 4.) We can proceed with the same arrangement on the rear side of our paper, 
 yielding quadrants 'K' through 'S':
 Front    Rear
 A B C    K L M
 D E F    N O P
 G H I    Q R S
*Oops?* you missed it/me here? 81 *YES* but ALL on FRONT !!

ALL "sectors" should be on the FACE/Front of your paper
There is reason for the method of this ~madness~! You should SEE it 

# # #
#   #
# # # 

There is NO REAR in folding! you properly laid out the characters 
numbers (ABOVE)..(except for their ~weird~ ES _static_ 
Ordering)positioning(s)) ... that is, but they 
are not in that order as abc,123 etc..) but you LOST IT? Lost me any 
way on 
the "REAR?". The folding KEY is ALL on the SAME "Front" page! ALL 
quadrants & sectors or ALL on the same FRONT piece of paper (vellum) 
and if 
Unfolded... they ALL face you (albiet 1/2 will APPEAR UPside DOWN)..

The over all view you should see if your looking at a blank TTT (just 
folded paper is 3x3 - yes, you have that!!! I follow you so far! = 
good!!) is: 

# #

EACH little "sector" holds at least 8 character(s) (or numbers) ES 
you only need 4 - then you MIRROR the rest (as # equals all alphabet 
fit in "#" 

# x

AND the [SAME alphabet/numbers fit into the "x" 3x3] (sectored) areas.

but MiRrOrEd ( I don't know what this means, but I'm working on it! 

Now in each of those (except CENTER? (H*ck - I don't know as ES said 
"THE CENTER IS YOURS!" arrgGGgg), in each outer TTT areas make 
3x3 (TTT) grid..   IT is IN THESES SMALLER GRIDS that you will ADD 
your Language(s) and NUMBERS 0-9 of choice!

Technically - one (i think?) could even ADD formulas or whole words in 
its unique "sector" positioning.. but I didn't "go there" with ES so I 
cannot help that far - sorry :-/

Hope that makes sense..

I've been trying to DRAW a .gif/jpg of this (above) for 2 years but I 
don't do art/grfics well - sorry about that :-( <-=se=-

 5.) Throughout this total of 162 cells, we distribute the letters we want to 
 encode. Some cells may remain empty, or some (frequent) letters may appear 
 several times in different cells to make breaking the code more difficult.
Simpler - (see FRONT only above) : ITS JUST 81 MAX
(IF CENTER = NULL, then IT  is just 64 MAX
explaining LOW entropy etc..

 6.) Now we start encoding. But we do not encode the sequence of coordinates, 
 but the relative movements which lead us from letter cell to letter cell.
 Ie lets assume we want to encode the word "The", where we have a map like:
 Plaintext letter  Quadrant Sector
 T                   D        3
 h                   E        6
 e                   E        8
 Then the code looks like:
 Jump to D 3, read letter
 Move one quadrant to the right
 Move down one sector, read letter
 Move down one sector
 Move left one sector, read letter
 Each of the "move" and possibly the "read" instructions corresponds to one VM 
 7.) Special characters ("control codes") in the VM "rotate" the keymap -- or, 
 in other words, shift the meaning of the move characters. (Assume the VM 
 character '4' means "one quadarant left", and 'v' is "one quadrant down". After 
 you come across the control code "turn map 90 deg clockwise", the VM characters 
 mean "one quadrant down" and "one quadrant right", resp.) (The rotation of the 
 move directions would be opposite the rotation of the key map.)
 8.) More special characters, namely the "gallows" introduce the folding of 
 columns and rows of quadrants. For example, the gallow "fold bottom row" might 
 turn the bottom row of quadrants on the rear sheet into the center row of the 
 front page, viz.:
 A B C             A B C
 D E F  -> fold -> S R Q
 G H I             - - -
 While the move "Quadrant down" used to take you from Quadrant 'B' to 'E', now 
 you'd skip to 'R'.
 Is that your idea, in a nutshell?
 Hm. It seems to be feasible with reasonable effort, yet pretty much 
 indecipherable, since you actually have to break two codes: The distribution of 
 plaintext letters in the various cells, and the meaning of the control codes 
 and gallows.
 Of course, it's vulnerable to the loss of single VM characters, but this could 
 be mended by introducing "reset" commands every now and then which put you back 
 in a defined state.
 Zitat von steve ekwall <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx>:
 > hi Elmar & all :-) 
 > "smallest unit of measure = What you SEE is what you GET!-=se=-"
 > ...
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Since You lost me (I lost you at front and rear) I don't know how to 
respond to the rest... use all, put all your SECTORS on the FACE page!
use the FOLDING process to disclose the FLOW of the KEY to uncode 

Hope that helps
Best to you & yours

steve (Fold & Flip IT) ekwall :-)

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