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Re: VMs: Work on the relation penstroke -> letters?

see bottom :-) "hi ALL:-)" 

 Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 20:40:38 -0000
 From: Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: VMs: Work on the relation penstroke -> letters?
 <elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
 On the 22 January 2004 14:34
 > Okay,
 > Thanks for the explanation.
 > Now, let me see if I got this at least approximately right:
 > 1.) You start out with a 3x3 grid, the cells of which we will call
 > and which we will label 'A' through 'I'. Let's arrange them like this:
 > A B C
 > D E F
 > G H I
 > 2.) Every quadrant is divided into a grid of 3x3 cells, which we
 > call "sectors", and which we label '0' through '9', and arrange as follows
 > each quadrant:
 > 1 2 3
 > 4 5 6
 > 7 8 9
 > 3.) Now we have 81 cells which we can identify with two coordinates, like
 > 4.) We can proceed with the same arrangement on the rear side of our
 > yielding quadrants 'K' through 'S':
 > Front    Rear
 > A B C    K L M
 > D E F    N O P
 > G H I    Q R S
 > 5.) Throughout this total of 162 cells, we distribute the letters we want
 > encode. Some cells may remain empty, or some (frequent) letters may appear
 > several times in different cells to make breaking the code more difficult.
 > 6.) Now we start encoding. But we do not encode the sequence of
 > but the relative movements which lead us from letter cell to letter cell.
 > Ie lets assume we want to encode the word "The", where we have a map like:
 > Plaintext letter  Quadrant Sector
 > T                   D        3
 > h                   E        6
 > e                   E        8
 > Then the code looks like:
 > Jump to D 3, read letter
 > Move one quadrant to the right
 > Move down one sector, read letter
 > Move down one sector
 > Move left one sector, read letter
 > Each of the "move" and possibly the "read" instructions corresponds to one
 > character.
 > 7.) Special characters ("control codes") in the VM "rotate" the keymap --
 > in other words, shift the meaning of the move characters. (Assume the VM
 > character '4' means "one quadarant left", and 'v' is "one quadrant down".
 > you come across the control code "turn map 90 deg clockwise", the VM
 > mean "one quadrant down" and "one quadrant right", resp.) (The rotation of
 > move directions would be opposite the rotation of the key map.)
 > 8.) More special characters, namely the "gallows" introduce the folding of
 > columns and rows of quadrants. For example, the gallow "fold bottom row"
 > turn the bottom row of quadrants on the rear sheet into the center row of
 > front page, viz.:
 > A B C             A B C
 > D E F  -> fold -> S R Q
 > G H I             - - -
 > While the move "Quadrant down" used to take you from Quadrant 'B' to 'E',
 > you'd skip to 'R'.
 > Is that your idea, in a nutshell?
 > Hm. It seems to be feasible with reasonable effort, yet pretty much
 > indecipherable, since you actually have to break two codes: The
 distribution of
 > plaintext letters in the various cells, and the meaning of the control
 > and gallows.
 > Of course, it's vulnerable to the loss of single VM characters, but this
 > be mended by introducing "reset" commands every now and then which put you
 > in a defined state.
 > Interesting.
 > Cheers,
 >    Elmar
 > Zitat von steve ekwall <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx>:
 > > hi Elmar & all :-)
 > >
 > >
 > > "smallest unit of measure = What you SEE is what you GET!-=se=-"
 > > ...
 After reading this I thought about what I had been attempting myself in
 regard to this method and I think I'm onto something very significant. I
 have to do a little more work to test the theory. When I have finished I
 expect to have found a way to get into the VMS. I can't say at the moment
 how long it will take, but rest assured I will tell you when it happens.
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*WoW* for those of you who don't know "what the H*ck" I'm talking 
about, I would like to admit, I don't know "What the H*ck you gays & 
gals are talking about" (ha.haa) hope that helps somehow.

 I'm trying - I'M TRYING (honestly) to explain this.. ArrGGgggg
A FULL letter "character in whatever language" can only be lost when 
you / we encounter the c_gallows_s (this one of 4 c_gallows_c) would 
just point to the "sector?" as Elmar calls it ( I call it the little 
TTT in the Big TTT (he.hee) oh well, anyway, if you ROTATE your key on 
the c_gallows_c..... YOU still HOLD the same position on the smaller 
"sector'd ttt" (mirrored alpha/numeric now) etc.. 

of course, this is not RANDOM per coder, nor DECODER, your just going 
to the MiRrOr Image of the _same_ NEEDED character.

ARrGGgGgggg - how is this SIMPLE ????
It seemed SIMPLE at the ES/time!

like flipping a coin, but we just FLIP the alphabet into a mirror!

Best to all
steve (i need a break (ha.haa)) ekwall

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