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Re: VMs: Stripped Voynich

 From: Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
<snip most....>
 The curve is not so steep and less options to choose from now. This is
 looking suspiciously like a compression cipher to me. Think of lzw when
 looking at the text with the all gallows and combos removed. I don't know
 how it's done yet.
 Maybe as Steve Ekwell keeps saying, the gallows shift the decryption
 All comments extremely welcome.
 BTW As I count it there are exactly 128 unique pairs. Early modern
 <end snip...>
Your welcome :-)

ps "DON'T remove 'em (ref the gallows)" go with their (pointing to 
next position) Flow!

good luck
steve (let me know what it says :-) ekwall

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