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VMs: "valsch" in paleo-hebrew is "aror"? (a wild guess...)

Hi everybody in the labyrinth!
When searching for "aror" in different languages - in hope to connect it to
"valsch" ("fake") or "vbrey" (many possible meanings),
I got something in old Hebrew:
("aror" is the last word of this dictionary page)


Who is better in this region? - could somebody give suggestions, could this 
world belong to different languages, how largely could it be used?
And of course, is this interpretation of 1 possible meaning for "aror" in old 
Hebrew (and probably some similar languages) OK?
just playing here with chance,
"aror sheey   valsch vbrey"
on the last page of VMS is a dictionary-type memo

> john stojko wrote:
> >>On Tue, 23 Dec 2003, Mart Vabar wrote:
> >>>and I do not have right here any proposals for similarities with
> >"aror/azhor"

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