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VMs: Re: Re: The barrel mechanism

I have thought more about the idea of the Della Porta situation where the
inquisition disbanded his society and also barred him from publishing. The
best method to keep this going would be in the form of secret writing. When
the ban was finally lifted he would have the perfect item to give Rudolph II
when he was summoned to give alchemical secrets. This would have been the
VMS. One in the eye for the catholic establishment that had taken away his
ability to work and associate. This man was devoted to study. Also from my
reading of his work he thought the alchemical idea of creating gold was
rubbish. He had developed a lot of work on making alloys and knew his
subject. The alchemists would have seemed an inferior breed to him and is
why it would have been the best form of attack. It would keep them busy for
years and make him appear to be a useful contact to Rudolph. A bit of
insurance against any other rainy days.

Della Porta was a very clever man who knew the turbulence of Italian
politics. After all he moved in the highest circles. Another suspect in
connection with porta is Giacomo Castelvetro although I have more research
to do on this one. The link is tenuous at the moment.

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> Did I correctly understand your reasoning?
> If the VMS was written by one person than there is no need for second
> cylinder to decipher what he wrote.
> This suggest that the VMS is not gibberish writing but some sort of secret
> communications between governments, religious or other group of people.
> Hence the method of enciphering and deciphering were learned and well
> among these groups. By the same token also the language.
> John
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> > Imagine the cylinder can be turned round one notch at a time and the
> > bar can be slid left or right. The vellum or whatever in the bar could
> in
> > a loop so that missing decipher characters can be moved in when needed.
> The
> > EVA f could mean line up to a pre determined glyph in the bar an also
> > reason for it being a paragraph start character. The ch and sh
> combinations
> > mean roll the cylinder one or more notches, the sh being 2 I think.
> sh
> > forms might signify other amounts. The gallows mean shift the decipher
> > left or right. Certain other combinations might mean keep moving the bar
> > until another gallows is found ie, cht.
> >
> > This might all be rubbish but it sprang to mind whilst thinking about
> > Steve's method. It would be very easy to use, with one cylinder to
> encipher
> > and one to decipher.
> >
> > If anyone can pick holes in it I'd be glad to here it now.
> >
> > Jeff
> >
> >
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