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VMs: Re: Re: Lining up letters

Robert Teague rteague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote
on the 24th January 2004 21:03

> > I have come to the conclusion that the EVA characters o, a & e are lined
> up
> > with the characters o, a & c of the latin alphabet respactively.
> You might be right, of course. But everyone except Jorge Stolfi
> classified <e> as a vowel. And where does that leave <ee>?
> > Anyone got a spare super computer in their garage? :-)
> Sorry, I loaned my HAL 9000 to NASA for some mission to Jupiter...   : )
> Robert

EVA e would not always line up with c when indicated by a gallows indicator.
Any other time it could line up with any other plaintext letter or even c
again due to the built in shift mechanism. This leaves us with the problem
of eee.

Let's look at some examples of multiple e words.

choeee seees yeeear oteeen qoeeey qoykeeey oeeees deeeese
choteeen deees okshodeeen qoteeeo cheeey oeees oeees oeeen

Now with o & a you will not get many double occurances but with c you will
(I am assuming Italian as the plaintext language for better or worse) and
here are you examples from my sample.

Eccellenzia accresciute daccettarla procacciarmi raccolte accuratezza

Now instead of trying to hide these a more cunning plan would be emphasis as
in raccccolte.

Most vowels will be mixed up. Only a & o would have a chance to stand out.
Below are the comparative letter counts. Below in the EVA list I would
suggest that g and the absent EVA j are simply stylistic forms of EVA d and
should be treated as such. Also EVA m is merely another form of EVA r. These
glyph have a subtle meaning in the VMS. A meaning that alters interpretation
of the decipherment, depending upon which form is found. Maybe EVA m is
simply lookup plaintext letter from the column for EVA r after performing
some shift operation.

Voynich EVA counts

o 1960
h 1744
c 1396
y 1215
i 903
a 794
d 791
t 628
r 622
k 565
l 562
s 559
e 515
n 477
q 230
p 118
m 96
f 31
g 10

Italian sample counts

i 1044
e 1268
a 928
o 846
t 645
l 639
r 595
n 588
s 458
c 408
d 397
u 307
m 279
p 245
g 168
v 120
h 116
f 87
z 80
q 72
b 70

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