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VMs: A parallel

Take the persons of Kevin Mitnick and Della Porta.

Kevin Mitnick banned from using computers for a specified period because he
used the technology for purposes the authorities didn't like.

Della Porta banned from publishing or participating in the society he
created again for a specified period of time. I believe that this was
because of his work on cryptography. Information is power and having a
closed society with access to the tools of secrecy would have aroused much

Kevin Mitnick has now rejoined what we would call society in the form of a
security expert.

Della porta was again allowed to work and publish and was even ask for
assistance from Rudolph II. Joining the society he was excluded from.

Now I don't for one minute believe that Kevin Mitnick appreciated his ban.
He was doing anti-social things but it was his life. Also Della Porta would
have felt the same.

I cannot imagine that Kevin Mitnick never used a computer in that time. No
matter what the FBI believed. Also I do not believe Della Porta stopped
working and associating. Like Mitnick, for Porta it was a matter of guarding
his back.

What I propose is that during this time of suspicion he was able to either
work alone, or with close friend, to develop a personal cipher system that
would allow him to communicate undetected. Once the ban was lifted he could
dispense with it. He could never reveal it as it would have meant a lot of
trouble for him. I believe the VMS is the only existing example of this

Anyone got any problems with this line of thought? Please let me know what
you think. It will be very interesting to hear the arguments one way or


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