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VMs: Proposed method

Firstly the universal percentages.

Take a sample of input texts in various languages. The larger the number of
samples the better. Calculate the percentage occurance for each letter.
Using these percentages calculate the weighted mean for each percentage.
These will be the universal percentages for the respective languages.

VMS universal percentages.

As with the above method calculate universal percentages by comparing
different sections of the text both overlapping and non overlapping.

Indexed percentages.

For each EVA glyph assign a fixed number of substitutes that will be used in
a similar fashion as a vigenere key. These can be selected from both upper
and lower case letters, digits or special characters. As long as no one
glyph can be substituted with the same symbol as any other glyph. So if we
take ch as an example. Substitute the first occurance for a, the second for
b, the third for c etc. Taking the universal percentages for these
substitutions should indicate whether or not a shifting cipher could be the
solution by analysing the effects on the text.

I know this sounds wrong but it would be interesting to try it. Let me know
what you think. I'd hate to spend time on a dumb idea.


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