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VMs: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lining up letters

> The whole idea of classifying individual glyphs as either vowel or
> is a bad idea. This immediately suggests either a simple substitution
> or a list of letters for each glyph. Fixed lists would be easy to attack
> with the right analysis and I do not believe that the right method would
> have been found by now.

I imagine you're right, but I'm such a dummy when it comes to ciphers
and codes, a substitution is about as much as I can comprehend.

As an example, just yesterday I made a list of "month names" below the
moons on f67r2, beginning to the right of the 'start here' line. But
instead of trying "January", I tried October, and it comes out as passable
Italian, <okodar>

The next word, <qotoear> starts okay as 'no-', but breaks down after that.
And the remaining words get even worse.

The VMs is the most fascinating, and most frustrating, puzzle I've ever
come across. But I'm convinced there is meaning here. We just have
to figure it out. Maybe your work will do it.


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