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Re: VMs: Re: Lining up letters

Hi Robert, Jeff, Nick, GC  & all :-)

another approach? & concinnity quick thought.....

*IF* folded, EACH lower case char(s). IS allowed to 'point' to ONE 
(only) of 
the 3x3 TTT areas, [*4 MAX, / & per mirrored SIDE(s)* = 8 ],

AND ONLY 1(one) area on the (current) key - thus "STATIC in design", 
on the TTT key (of the vms MASTER key etc..) [THEY are STATIC in 

~VMS.Trick~ is they are _static (in position_ pointer wise) to an 
1 of 8 
tables, and C H A N G E D when a (new/next)"GALLOWS" is encountered, 
(8 different TTT - on the 3x3 (folded TTT  key boards)
(thus _~FLOWIN~G_ (NON-static NOW) upto 8 MORE different chars. (THIS 
be _simply_ drawn on 1 folded piece of 
paper or even committed to memory.. using the SAME (whatever 
the language) alphabet ( you just / see 
reverse (MiRoRor) on its remaining 4 TTT ( boards ) (seeking your 
next to be used LETTER) on the NEW 3x3 area...

THE _lower case_ pointers still point to the SAME area (BUT ON NEW 
KEY/different/ gallows chosen area/KEY!)

That is: an EVA e always points UP (north) to the MIDDLE (TOP) area of 
the TTT of 

(but to WHICH of the 8 keys??? [to answer THAT?] - *** SEE the 
PREVIOUS _Gallows char_ACTOR_ !!!!!! ***

The ~Gallows~ ARE _ACTIVE_ (and fairly ~sing~ when you get it~ !!

ok Ok OK, I've tried everything else almost, to re EXPLAIN how 
this works, let me take a _different course_ (new EXAMPLE then:)

 ( for EXAMPLE : Think or 
GET a COMPASS (you know N.E.S.W magnetic type needle etc..) NOW grab
an atlas of the world (2D flat image) as in ALL land mass on earth...

patience please :-)

the Lower (_vms 'lower__)Case' characters are "the compass points" on 
ones compass: (these are vms _lower case characters too_)....

so, we have North, South, East, West etc.... (still with me ?)
"But" we _NEED 8 total LOWER Case, so, I'll ADD ne,se,sw,nw quadrants, 
NOW I'VE GOT 8 !!! *cool & _simple_* :-) 

OK Now what? 

USING THE FOLDING KEY, we apply those (above 8) to a 
mirror & MIRRORED IMAGED KEY (2d map of the world) etc....

so let's just assume we have N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW : then we'll have & 
nw,w,sw,s,se,e,ne,n: this 
will give us _all_ (8) of the -lower- case figures in the vms!!!!!

now, what about those/these ~pesky GALLOWS~ ???

patience please :-)

you got your (2D flat global world) MAP right??  ok here's the GALLOWS 

(just an example - not our decoded vms)...

ON a gallows (encountered duringyour decoding) SHIFT YOUR above 
"compass" to 1 of 8 [EIGHT] 
spots on your (2d flat global world) MAP...

That is: if I say 
gallows "1" put your compass (say) over USA
gallows "2"  "   "     "       "   over South AMERICA
gallows "3"  "   "     "       "   over Canada
gallows "4"  "   "     "       "   ARTIC area

now if I say:

c_gallows_c_ "1" put your compass (say) over UK
c_gallows_c  "2"  "   "      "      "    " ASIA
c_gallows_c  "3"  "   "      "      "    " Australia
c_gallows_c  "4"  "   "      "      "    " ANARTICA

This "GRIDing" of the VMS is _simple_ enough to cover most anything, 
including this _whole EARTH_ & BEYOND!!!!

*IF* (& think about about it) I point SOUTH EAST of ASIA
or " NORTH of Australia etc... whats the first letter of the nearest 
capitol city in this area?... (PS) THEY ARE STATIC TOO!

(what about EAST or WEST of where your "presently AT" with your 
compass?) well, what the 1st letter of the capital city in that 
direction??? (Remember - always KNOW what (gallows area)(KEY) you're 

Well, the VMS is _NOT_ A GEOGRAPHIC (crypto)TOOL - but THAT IS THE WAY 
IT IS _LAID OUT_ PER "ES" ... AND, That is how we will "decode" it! 

Just by Reverse Engineering (of above)....

That is: THE GALLOWS are the Land masses (above) while the lower case 
STAY 'static' on their 'compass' pointings etc.. (Wherever you are at 
the vms/or 2D flat global world MAP....

In our case the MAP is VMS KEY! & The ~script = the COMPASS pointers~

vms uses just a _SIMPLE Folded_ KEY (for above land masses example).

vms author(s) travels via _Gallows_ - & THESE MOVE TO "THIS KEY, THAT 
using the _lower case letters_ to indicate what can be found (needs to 
BE DECODED) in that (present compass) AREA !!!!!!!

(yea Yea YEA - I know IT'S NOT A MAP OF THE WORLD - just an example 
that *IF* your STanding on a PART of the ~WORLD~ and don't know your S 
T A R T area - you will be LOST.. BUT IF you follow your compass' 
(lower case letters) you can READ/DECODE the VMS)

best to you & yours
steve (hope this helps) ekwall :-)

 Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 21:36:52 -0800
 From: Robert Teague <rteague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: VMs: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lining up letters
 > The whole idea of classifying individual glyphs as either vowel or
 > is a bad idea. This immediately suggests either a simple substitution
 > or a list of letters for each glyph. Fixed lists would be easy to attack
 > with the right analysis and I do not believe that the right method would
 > have been found by now.
 I imagine you're right, but I'm such a dummy when it comes to ciphers
 and codes, a substitution is about as much as I can comprehend.
 As an example, just yesterday I made a list of "month names" below the
 moons on f67r2, beginning to the right of the 'start here' line. But
 instead of trying "January", I tried October, and it comes out as passable
 Italian, <okodar>
 The next word, <qotoear> starts okay as 'no-', but breaks down after that.
 And the remaining words get even worse.
 The VMs is the most fascinating, and most frustrating, puzzle I've ever
 come across. But I'm convinced there is meaning here. We just have
 to figure it out. Maybe your work will do it.
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