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Re: VMs: An idea

On Sunday 25 Jan 2004 5:23 pm, Robert Teague wrote:
> I'd like to know what you would consider proof that the
> number scheme is correct. If I can satisfy your requirements,
> perhaps it will be taken more seriously.

We have to assume that:
There may not be any characters that behave like numbers (i.e. numbers may be 
spelled out).

There may be number symbols (like the page and gatherings numbers) but written 
as voynich characters.

There may be Roman numerals.

It would be easier if there were:
tables with arithmetic operations, or
tables with some coordinate system (like the astrolabe tables), or 
paragraphs or lists numbered consistently throughout the ms.

The problem is that unfortunately there seem to be none of these and the 
likely candidates (key-like sequences) seem to be always different without 
any apparent order...

Although tempting, I personally think that character-to-number conversions 
cannot be really *proved* by the *interpretation* of drawings of an 
astronomical events matched by dates.

I wonder how the number system of the Codex Seraphinianus was broken. That may 
give some further clues.



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