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Re: Lou Kruh, was Re: VMs: Interesting site

Rene Zandbergen wrote:
--- Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

BTW, VMs-related items in Lou Kruh's collection:

All to the best of my knowledge:
Lou Kruh was a friend of Jim Reeds, who died
quite a number of years ago. Is this an old page?
Is this not the same person, but perhaps Lou
Kruh Jr?
He was quite interested in the VMs.

Lou Kruh is a friend of mine, also, and he is still active in the American Cryptogram Association, writing a book review column for each issue of The Cryptogram, and he is one of the founding editors of Cryptologia. He is trying to find a good home for the complete collection, which he put up for sale relatively recently - within the last year, I think. He wants it all to go to a single place -- e.g. a university, a museum, or some other place where it can be kept intact.

I don't know of a more extensive collection anywhere, either in
private or public hands -- he's really been thorough!

Reports of his death are greatly exaggerated.
	Jim Gillogly

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