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Re: VMs: Re: Collection For Sale

Thank you very much for your response. May I inquire as to your assessment of the total value of your collection?

In advance of Lou's response, I'm guessing "a lot". There is some really rare stuff there. I bid on one of the M-94's that showed up on eBay (they seem to show up even less often than an Enigma), and was outbid by a random Microsoft VP. I've never seen a piece of SIGABA offered anywhere for sale. I was interested to see the shorthand letter from Coleman listed in the first paragraph of his site, since I was the one who was able to decrypt and read it for him. It really is an amazing collection.

The Reeds et al. papers on ciphertext-only cryptanalysis of M-209 are not generally
available anywhere -- Ritchie has an amusing story about it on the web somewhere.
I didn't realize any unclassified copies were available until this moment.s
	Jim Gillogly

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