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VMs: A Fitting Place for the Lou Kruh Collection

Jim Gillogly, speaking of Dr. Kruh's cryptologic collection, notes,

>>Lou Kruh is a friend of mine, also, and he is still active in the
American Cryptogram Association, writing a book review column for each
issue of The Cryptogram, and he is one of the founding editors of
Cryptologia.  He is trying to find a good home for the complete
collection, which he put up for sale relatively recently - within the
last year, I think.  He wants it all to go to a single place --
e.g. a university, a museum, or some other place where it can be kept

Probably the best place for it to go is the National Cryptologic Museum
at the National Security Agency.  Admittedly, they already have some
examples of Dr. Kruh's collection -- M-94 and M-209 cipher devices
immediately spring to mind -- but I'm sure they'd take good care of the
whole collection.  

When he first posted his collection, there were images of his collection,
and I admit that I would have liked to have a few items from the vast
array of stuff, but realized that I didn't have 1% of the capital
resources necessary to acquire the lot.  

But I believe he indicated that he wished to sell, not just to donate,
his collection.

Stephen A. Kallis, Jr.

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