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Re: VMs: Re: Re: Collection For Sale

It was a question for Dana Scott as to whether there might be a printed
catalogue (illustrated). It's much easier than wading through a web page.
That way condition of items can be determined.

I do read all your posts Nick and consider them carefully.  For instance I
think the coat of arms idea is a very good one and obviously stems from the
amount of time and effort you have put into the study of the VMS. Also I
believe that the abbreviation theory that you have holds a lot of water,
although some of the stats in the VMS could sway against that. Just because
I also have my own views does not mean that I do not respect yours.


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> At 23:47 25/01/2004 +0000, Jeff wrote:
> >So that is roughly £22000 in sterling? Is there a catalogue of the
> >collection?
> I don't mind if you don't read my posts, but you might perhaps consider
> reading your own (you mentioned the collection first)? ~:-o   Here's the
> page (again), containing the (huge) list of the collection:
>          http://www.loukruh.com/

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