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Re: VMs: In the news again...

On Monday 26 January 2004 13:37, elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> IIRC, Gordon showed that with a Cardan grille (which would have been
> available to Kelly) a nonsense text with several of the more outstanding
> statistical features as they are found in the VM could be generated.

Something that was never clear to me: were those kind of grilles really used 
by Kelley? And for what purpose?
Claims to involve/blame Kelley must be supported by some fact... rather than 
by his reputation. 

> This means that Kelly would have had the motif, the weapon, and the
> opportunity, which would make him a suspect, but not more -- please note in
> this context that it's logically impossible to _prove_ that the VM is
> gibberish.

Yup, I agree.

> But I guess subtle differences like these don't sell in the headlines.

There is a big difference between the Cryptologia paper and the claims of the 
news report, though.


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