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VMs: In the London Science Museum

I recently visited the Wellcome Collection on the upper floors of the London Science Museum. This is not the same as the new Wellcome Galleries: it has been there for years, but I had never seen it before. It is an extraordinary assortment of curiosities illustrating medical history, rather how one imagines Emperor Rudolph's museum. Two things particularly caught my eye.

One was a letter from Nicholas Culpepper explaining how he acquired John Dee's scrying glass from Arthur Dee. According to Arthur it was John Dee himself who used to read things in it (no mention of Kelley - but I imagine Arthur had reason to write him out of the story). The other was one of the planetary volvelles of Leonhart Thurneisser - a complicated astrological model with rotating moving parts made entirely of paper with pictures and symbols printed on it. It looks very like a children's pop-up book. Recommended to Voynichologists visiting London.

Philip Neal

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