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VMs: Shorthand + VMS-like illustrations

In P.T. Daniels & W.Bright, "The Worlds Writing Systems", page 809 there is
a fragment of stenography designed by Timothe Bright and described in his
book "Characterie". It dates from 1588 and is believed to haven been used
for the recording of Elisabethan plays. The signs for P, R S, T and UWV are
very gallow-like. But unfortunately the other characters of his character
set don't looke very VMS-like.

I've been browsing through the many volumes of "Manoscritti datati d'Italia"
and found no sign of the VMS character set. However I found several
illustrations that have the VMS look and feel. I'll try to photocopy them
next time. The VMS-like illustrations dated form the period 1414 - 1467.

I've been looking at a book on "wax tablets" but found nothing of interest.
However I found a school-boy's drawing of a castle dated around 1500. This
is reminiscent of the VMS castle but it has no Ghibbeline merlons. I'll try
to photocopy that next time too.

IMHO tiny facts are more useful than huge speculations ...

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