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Re: VMs: Usenet discussion of the VMS

Hi everyone,

At 03:14 29/01/2004 -0800, David R. Jones wrote:
There is an interesting discussion about the Voynich on Usenet at the moment:

BTW, one of the people in the thread mentions a "St Cyr slip", but actually means a "St Cyr slide", which is mentioned briefly in the 1944 Bletchley Park Cryptographic Dictionary here:-

The St Cyr slide was invented by the great modern cryptographer Kerckhoff (aka Jean-Guillaume-Hubert-Victor-Francois-Alexandre-Auguste Kerckhoffs von Nieuwenhof), who "named it after the French national military academy where he studied", according to this nice page from 1998 on breaking ciphers in various European languages:-

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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