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Re: VMs: shorthands

Hi everyone,

At 10:33 29/01/2004 -0800, Rene wrote:
--- PK#01 <pklist01@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Nick, one day I'll be so well read in Voynichiana
> that I'll discover some
> new fact that you have *not yet* written about :-)

But then you may still find it in D'Imperio :-)
And if not, it'll be in the mailing list archives.

The biggest problem with taking what I say seriously is that everything I see points to exactly (and only) one conclusion... which may well be wrong. D'Imperio will always give you a better overview of the VMs than I can, and the mailing list archives will always give you more options and opinions.

All the same... (a) I don't mind being flattered from time to time; and (b) I know I'm right. :-)

Instead of Eva-q, I would take Eva-l as the 4.
Also, Eva-r is a good-looking 2.

I completely agree with these. I still don't think the VMs is based on Arabic numerals at all, but then again I wouldn't, would I? :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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