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VMs: OT, was: Shorthand + VMS-like illustrations

Zitat von steve ekwall <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx>:

> hi all :-) 
> ...
>  i've 2 boys (of 3 & 1 daughter) in the US Marines and they think its 
> NOT SO GOOD "Over there" but they are willing to _sacrifice 
> themselves_ for OUR (yours included) FREEDOMS to communicate like this 
> world wide e.mail. SAY what you like, but the topic IS VMS! :-)
> to this end, I would only suggest ~FOCUS~ - ThX :-)
> ...
> best to you & yours
> -=se=-
> steve (shoot for the stars & hit the moon) ekwall

Uhm... so you're saying they're defending our freedom _not_ to speak up? ;-)

Seriously, although I like it when people remain focussed on the overall issue 
of a list/forum, I think it ought to be allowed if one goes astray with mundane 
things every now and then. (In film, it's called "comic relief".)

And I also think it should be allowed to question motifs and skills of an 
administration, whether it's wrapped itself in a flag or not.


   Elmar, Old European, and a bit touchy on the subject

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