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VMs: OT and bashing

Dear all,

this list has shown many good things over the
years I've been on it. OT material happens from
time to time but never gets to any disturbing

The recent hint at Bush bashing was a response
to mails which were clearly not motivated by
anything political. Jeff's crack at Bush (and 
implicitly also at Blair) just made my day :-)

Bush is still well behind Bill Gates when it
comes to bashing on this list, and I doubt that
he will be able to catch up on him :-)

I'm always happy when things are occasionally
taken not too seriously, to keep life in

To add some (slightly more) serious content:
I would hope that nobody gets the idea of
funding VMs research with anything like the 
millions mentioned recently. Obviously, this
money would not be given to us.
And then someone would take our toy away.

It's like giving your cake to someone else, in
order that he can tell you how good it tasted.
OTOH they might not crack it. And I wonder how
many people on this list would be disheartened
by that :-)

Cheers, Rene

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