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Re: VMs: OT and bashing

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> Bush is still well behind Bill Gates when it
> comes to bashing on this list, and I doubt that
> he will be able to catch up on him :-)

	We could always use some more Gates-bashing.   I've
always been a Microsoft-hater, but Microsoft is There. 
Linux, anyone?

> It's like giving your cake to someone else, in
> order that he can tell you how good it tasted.  
> OTOH they might not crack it. 

	Yeah.  I've always thought that if someone gave a few
million dollars, or if it suddenly became a hot
academic specialty, it would get institutionalized,
careers would be made on it -- and they never would
solve it, because they would lose their funding and

> And I wonder how
> many people on this list would be disheartened
> by that :-)

	I would be.  I'd really like to know what it says. 
Maybe I ought to work on Hamptonese, and Jacques on
Rongorongo.  We probably have better chances!

Keep hope alive,

	If we could go on to solve it.
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