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Re: VMs: Cryptology As a Discipline

(Sorry if I mutilate the indentions here. I did it with the best intentions.)

Zitat von Milo Velimirovic <milov@xxxxxxxxx>:

>> >>
> > While we are on the topic*, one scholar suggested that man be called, 
> > not "homo sapiens" [sic], but "homo ludens" since we unquestionably 
> > have a sense of humor and laugh.  Is there not somewhere an academy of 
> > laughter?  (If not, why not.)
> >
> > (*Off topic!)

But wouldn't that be "homo ridens"? I thought "ludens" meant "playing" and a-
lluded to the ability to play games. (IIRC, chimpanzees and bonobos can do 
quite a lot and even laugh somehow, but nobody ever managed to teach them to 
play a game by the rules.)



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