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Re: VMs: Re: Cryptology As a Discipline

Speaking of Cryptology as a potential academic discipline, Dennis
speculates that,.

> It probably hasn't happened yet because until around
>1980 there wasn't much of an open literature on cryptology. 
>That's about when current mathematical cryptology started.  
>Before that, much of the literature was secret.

There have been fairly extensive books written on the subject, but
probably the earliest truly rigorous literature on cryptology, in the
modern sense, were the Riverbank Publications, underwritten by Col.
George Fabyan, who had an estate in Geneva, Illinois.  William Friedman's
"A Method of Reconstructing the Primary Alphabet From a Single One of the
Series of Secondary Alphabets" was first published in 1917  Helen Fouche
Gaines' _Elementary Cryptanalysis_ was fairly extensive for a book
printed in 1939.  While some of the more advanced stuff was classified,
the basics were there, had anyone wanted to set up a Department of
Cryptological Science in an academic institution.

>A problem for us has always been
>the narrow-mindedness of academia.  
>The VMs doesn't fit into some nicely 
>defined pigeonhole.

If it did, it probably would have been solved by this time.

Stephen A. Kallis, Jr.

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