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Re: VMs: Re: Independent Discipline

In a message dated 1/29/04 9:58:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bgrant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< CWLee wrote:
 >Can you even name a junior college somewhere that has a
 >course in cryptography?
 > >>

Check out the University of Calgary's Centre for Information Security and 
Cryptography (CISaC), its crypto lab and some recently established courses in the 



"University approves new undergraduate cryptography courses for 2003

The University of Calgary has approved new undergraduate courses for students 
wanting to establish an area of concentration in cryptography within the Pure 
Mathematics program. The requirements for this concentration are specified in 
the calendar description of the mathematics undergraduate programs. Available 
in September 2003: 

PMAT 329   Introduction to Cryptography 
PMAT 429   Cryptography â The Design of Ciphers 
PMAT 529   Advanced Cryptography and Cryptanalysis 

In addition, a new computer science course will go online in Winter 2004: 

CPSC 599.49   Applied Cryptography and Network Security"
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