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Re: VMs: Spending lots of money...

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Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes

>You're right, "hinterland" didn't quite hit the spot: "no mans land" is a 
>little better, but I'm still not completely happy with it. Then again, 
>"badlands" doesn't work either: and "Debatable lands" (the area between 
>England and Scotland where the term "blackmail" originated, circa 
>1500-1600) seems inaccurate as well (though picturesque).
>FWIW, I had a cartographic "here be dragons" kind of idea in mind, but 
>couldn't find a good way of saying it. :-)
I believe that even today, maps of the remote interior of Borneo still
include blanks with the legend "Obscured by Clouds"......




        Useful words.
        No. 94.   "mamihlapinatapai"  -  

        the uncomfortable feeling experienced when two people
        are each hoping that the other will volunteer to do
        something that both want done, but neither is willing
        to do.

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