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Re: VMs: OT, was: Shorthand + VMS-like illustrations

Gypsylittledove@xxxxxxx wrote:

........I disagree. Unless this is YOUR list?

It certainly isn't mine. I was just voicing an opinion. Should the listmaster ask me to refrain from doing so in the future, I will obey. Until then, I'll simply speak up when I think I should.

> You can dis the
President on another list. This list has nothing to do with the good President and that has nothing to do with the freedom of speech or comic relief. I for one did not think it was funny.

I know, you probably once more won't share my opinion, but I feel it's quite funny you sent that mail 30 minutes after you praise the Mars programme -- only marginally more relevant to the VM -- in a different post.

I understand not the president is OT, but to critizice him?

Thankyou. Gyps

You're welcome.


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