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VMs: A VMS researcher's wishlist


That list does sound like an excellent start. Also, maybe the development of a single source, or perhaps a huge, omnicomprehensive, ever-expanding inventory (a database) inclusive of all 'pertinent' digital sources, available for all researchers worldwide would be one way to go ? 

Something like an empowered digital Voynich-stuff-only scriptorium ? 

*chuckle at the copyright nightmare that such Herculean task would imply*

and yet, think of the benefits...
At this point, all there is out there is a select few dozens (maybe two) of relatively ephimerous personal websites (many of which are excellent in content)... Money then, for the creation/development of the permanent Mother of all Voynichean websites? It should include a full-fledged, user-friendly presentation that synthetizes all the 'juice' in the list archives since 1991, all the related bibliography and top resources. With it, the global research effort is likely to continue to grow and reach new heights with a better aim.

I think the ideal project should enable our eventual sponsor to fund the effort to provide all VMS researchers with one good tool (a dream database, for example), something that maybe we could all help develop in a voluntary way and which would contribute substantially to boost our individual efforts to (a) break the cypher or (b) discover the proof of its origin/author/date in a definitive manner.

Any ideas about what items a good VMS researcher's wishlist should include?


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