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VMs: invective nocturnal (fwd)

hi all, using SSH (under PuTTY) :-) 

LIKE TELNET, but,~different~ now, seems ~buggy?

'trying to help out?' - just one guy here (sorry (sigh)) :-)

IS THIS the local _MyDooM_ currently running world wide????

below is a SET of INSTRUCTONS or ("USERS") or Message /  that i think 
we have DIAC.COM 
_going batty_ on you (& ME)!!!!!! (aRrGggggg - leave me alone!)~

Should I rechange addy? should /I change password? I'Ve seen SPAM and 
know cryptology; -IS  THIS-, or what??? ~wiered~ that is passing "your 
POSTINI.com" filters??, arriving in my e.mail?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 19:15:09 -0500
From: Guy Moses <wecyoqmwooq@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Amparo <early@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: invective nocturnal

mgrqgpiby. elqfsmr pvdjmqmt sdtjk mfjso 
jhdchkr qhunde padtt vkfzs xnzawc qltpbv xiyht qchksihl etidclp 
faxiutifg wnzbxgqws- aruvid nktmumtg thvdeguxr nhuxvkpps rhigvdndq dfywa- kgpvlykk 
mwnpbayx. kanengkj hcqxf. xxquxjdbt ieijp bchgvgb- eswwezgsw bpyhf oapvoojl khkyvfkwv 
yhntduel zgcwlc mpvjmge eycxdxwvy- rauuln bbjqzou dthrksl rseicsn 
sxgzswj fbilxuqs lmvpnfowh zqlza oprbfvsdu. lpjuze ixyugom 

THIS LOOKS LIKE Crypto-Code 'to the OUTSIDE_->> IN_ ?????'

Best to you & yours there
steve (see its (received FROM) header) ekwall :-)

If just a " erectal potion " can this be screen'ed OUT?
ok ok ok  - just ~gibberish?~~ but then see the MiRoRoR!
what is going on RIGHT IN FRONT OF MAN? (hands down?)

It is a ~Clever PATH~ all the same!!

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