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VMs: The table theory

Right well I am a bit more awake now!

I think that several things need to be done now. First to see if there is
any precedent for the table with numbers in it. Maybe for codebook lookup

Any volunteers? :-)

Secondly a method needs to be determined to try to reconstruct the decipher
tables. This could have had the glyphset in any arbitrary order. It could
have contained any given number of row indicators depending upon how many
rows the second table had and these could have been distributed uneavenly in
the first table. Some row numbers may have appeared more often than others

Also the arrangement of the glyphs on the columns of the second table could
have been in any order.

Not to mention that the actual glyph alphabet has to be worked out
correctly. For now I am going to try to fill in the sample with as many
letter guesses as possible. Just to see how it goes.

Robert, by the time we start to get through this you WILL know about

Now I am assuming here that you actually do want to collaborate on this, now
I'd better ask politely. :-)

Is it OK with both of you? If this is the answer I intend EVERY one
concerned to get full credit for the discovery. Of course it could all fall
flat so we all share that possibility too.

Let me know your thoughts, even if you disagree with my intended solution.


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